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Livonia Township: Community Vision for Land Use

The Livonia Township Community Vision for Land Use project documents an inventory and analysis of critical natural and cultural resources and citizen values associated with these resources. The project was undertaken by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Rural Design and IMPACT Planning over the fall and winter of 2006 at the request of the Livonia Township Board.

The goal of the project is to determine a Community Vision of the environmental and cultural resources within Livonia Township. The purpose of the Community Vision is to provide Livonia Township with a document to work with Sherburne County and adjacent townships and cities to manage development while maintaining its unique character and value system.

Managing change to protect the quality of life, economic vitality and environmental health in Livonia Township are key issues central to the community values locally and other fast growing rural areas and small towns throughout the State. By using the community visioning process as a tool in the Township planning process Livonia is on it’s way to proactively managing change to maintain the quality of rural life and distinct sense of place that attract people to live in Livonia Township today.

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