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Visualizing OFFSET: Identifying and Analyzing the Spatial Relationships Between Feedlot Odor & Residential Dwellings

This project is a collaborative endeavor with the Center for Rural Design and David Schmidt, Assistant Extension Engineer and Larry Jacobson of the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering from College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences. CRD provided Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyses to illustrate Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Jacobson's research.

Report Section Abstract:

The agricultural and the rural landscape have undergone significant and wide-ranging changes in demographics, economics, land uses, and spatial land use relationships. This section explores a methodology to examine the spatial relationship, and resulting potential for conflict, of two changes in particular:

  • consolidation of animal agricultural facilities into larger operating units as a response to the economies of scale
  • the increasing number of non-farm rural residents drawn to the countryside for a variety of demographic and economic reasons.

This section examines integrating the OFFSET model into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology as a methodology to explore the spatial relationship between these two changes. The intent of the methodology is to develop a useful tool for rural land use planners to assess the relationship and support the creation of appropriate policy and ordinances.

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