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City of Ortonville Project

The Center for Small Towns on the Morris campus of the University of Minnesota, working with a grant from the Blandin Foundation, organized and conducted a Community Visioning and Leadership Program for the Big Stone Lake Area. As a follow-up to that work, the Blandin Community Improvement Program (BCIP) Steering Committee asked the Center for Rural Design (CRD) to prepare some architectural sketches to help illustrate how the ideas might impact and be developed at the foot of the lake. In June 2001, Rogers & Associates prepared a feasibility study for the Ortonville Main Street for BCIP. This study was based on previous downtown Ortonville studies and outlined ways similar communities had organized and managed downtown redevelopment efforts. The report made a number of recommendations related to the questions that CRD were asked to respond to:

  • Rehabilitation of the historic Columbian Hotel and development at the foot of the lake.
  • Designating most of the central business district, from Pacificto Jackson along Second Street, as a historic district.
  • Extending a multi-purpose recreation trail from the lake footto the north end of the central business district.
  • Seeking federal and state funds to enhance an Ortonville
  • Economic Development Authority low-interest loanto help property owners do building improvements, particularly facades.

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Report to the Blandin Community Improvement Program Steering Committee for Big Stone Lake and Community Activity Facility in Ortonville, Minnesota