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Scott County: Defining the Rural Character and Design Guidelines for the Detailed Planning Area (DAP)

This project explores rural character and the potential development of design guidelines for a designated area within southeastern Scott County referred to as the Detailed Planning Area (DAP). The DAP is a portion of the County that is designated as being intended for lower density rural residential land use for the long term due to two primary factors:

  • the pattern of existing development within the DAP
  • the fact that it is unlikely that the DAP will be served by municipal sewer and water at anytime in the foreseeable future.

Phase 1 of the project entails the identification the rural character(s) of the DAP – in order to gain broad public support to preserve and protect the environmental/cultural functions of an area it is important to gain an understanding of the perception residents of the area have of those environmental/cultural functions.

CRD will then conduct a workshop with Scott County educating staff and key stakeholders about design and gaining input on the rural character of the DAP.

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