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AgTec-21: The UMore Interpretive Center

The Interpretive Center, AgTec-21, using interactive media, will let people appreciate present agriculture and envision its future as well as understand its relationship with the Earth's natural resources. The interpretive center will have activities for the general public, K-16 students, and national and international visitors, including a variety of interactive media displays, guided tours, field demonstrations, and educational programs for variable level audiences in theatre, meeting rooms, field, and laboratory settings.

The Rosemount site is easily accessible to visitors. It is close to the Metropolitan Area, to the airports, and to other local attractions such as the new Science Museum, Minnesota Zoo, and the Mall of America. The cost of creating the educational facilities at Rosemount can be shared with major sponsors, in return for displaying their company name and activity, and access to equipment, presentation rooms, fields, and computer laboratories. The AgTec-21 has the potential to be self-supporting, benefiting both the state and local communities.

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