Nick Jordan, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics

I teach and do research on agroecology as a faculty member in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics at the University of Minnesota; I was trained in biology (Harvard College) and botany and genetics (Duke University). I am particularly interested in the development of agricultural landscapes that use good design and biodiversity to increase 'multifunctionality, i.e., the 'co-production' of agricultural commodities, marketable ecological services, and non-marketable public goods such as resilience to climate change. The formation and facilitation of new systems of knowledge production by which multiple 'ways of knowing' can be employed to increase multifunctionality is an important aspect of my work.

Office Address:
309 Agronomy and Plant Genetics
1509 Gortner Ave
St Paul, MN 55108

Phone: (612) 625-3754